The art of doing it anyway!

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 The art of doing it anyway!

To do or not to do

Yes, Speaking in front of a group of people can be nerve wrecking. And yes everything inside says don’t do it. But is that really a good reason not to do it?

The moment before THE moment

Maybe you’ve been there? That moment when you’re reminded that you have a speech coming up. Your hands start sweating. The butterflies start dancing around in your stomach. At this moment you have a decision to make. Do I go through with it or try to get out of it somehow? Because you really are feeling kind of sick anyways, right? Maybe you can miss that day of school or surely someone would fill in for you at work if you couldn’t make it! But is this really what you want deep down inside?

The Art of doing it anyway

Deep down inside people know that they would feel a sense of accomplishment if they went through with this. And you really don’t want to be thought of as a quitter. And so this is the moment before the jump…..suspenseful pause….awkward silence…… Just go for it! I really think that sometimes you just have to do it anyway. In spite of the fear. In spite of all the negative thoughts. In spite of all the what ifs. Take the risk. It will be over before you know it and the satisfaction will be worth it.