Thinking About Setting Spiritual Goals For 2017? Do This First To Maximize Results


So maybe you have this feeling of needing to improve or do better.
Maybe you’ve even tried to start a list, but without success.
Or maybe you have started your spiritual growth goal list and it just makes you feel overwhelmed.
I think you might be having problems because this is not the best place to start.

Every race has a starting line

Every race has a start and a finish. You don’t just start anywhere because there needs to be a way to calculate progress. Having a starting point and a stopping point allows you to know how far the competitors traveled.

It’s the same with your spiritual life. How do you know you need to do better? Is it based on what you see in others? Do you need to improve in some areas or in all areas?
If you want to improve your Spiritual life then you need to know your current situation. Knowing where you stand is just as important as  knowing where you want to be.

Take inventory

To do this you need to take inventory. Choose a day and take note of what that day looks like. I would suggest you do this at the start of your day and take notes every 30 minutes or hour. I would also suggest that you only do this for one day because more than that could be overwhelming. I would also say to try to pick a normal day for you not one of those days where everything goes wrong.
Ask some form of these questions to help you get an idea of what you are looking for and write your answers.
  • What thing or person is your main focus?
  • What habits or routines do you notice?
  • What things do you do as stress relievers?

Take action

After you know where you stand you can see how far you need to go. This is your starting line. This is where you can narrow down your list to the area you need to work on the most and make these your spiritual growth goals for the year.
The biggest benefit from this is that now that you know where you stand you can get laser-like focused on that one spiritual goal you want to improve instead of a scattered shotgun approach.

  Take it to God in prayer

Proverbs 16:9 The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.

Spiritual Goal setting is good but it is should be just a means to an end. Glorifying God should be the purpose of every goal you set even if it is spiritual growth. Your goals are only good to the point where you put them in God’s hands.