How Waiting On God is Part of His Plans for Your Good

I hate, hate, hate waiting.

Patience is definitely NOT one of my strengths.

But waiting seems to be a big part of life.

Waiting in lines, on the phone, or waiting for a reply.

Living in the tension of patiently waiting is life.

And this includes waiting on God.

Meaning in your waiting

So if waiting is such a big part of life, have you put any thought into it.

Can you find purpose in your waiting?

Does God use waiting for His glory and your good?

What do you do while you wait on God?

Why is waiting on God necessary?

Psalms 40 gives us some great insight into our waiting:

While you wait

Remember that God hears you.

Rest in the fact that He will deliver you in due time.

Know that when He rescues you it leaves you refreshed and with a new song in your heart.

Be encouraged that when this season has passed your feet will be on solid ground.

Rejoice that God will get glory and praise from this.

Push on because others will benefit from this. They will see your trust and God’s faithfulness and want to do the same.

You can rest in the hope that God hears you and will not leave you or forsake you.

Waiting is a battleground

When you are waiting on God you can be tempted to stop trusting in God.

You can be tempted to try and come up with your own solutions. Abraham and Sarah did by taking things into their own hands and gave birth to Ishmael instead of waiting on God to provide Isaac.

It is a battle of the mind. Thousands of thoughts will go through your mind. And many times feelings of defeat and despair will follow.

You have to fight. When you fight to wait on God instead of taking it into your own hands you are sending a message to yourself and to those around you that your trust is in God.

Idleness is not an option

You have to pursue Him. You can’t stand by idle and expect to win this battle.

One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Even a little effort over time can help you make progress. And this is because in your weakness He is strong.

In your weakness He is strong. Pour the little energy you have into pursuing God. Seek Him first and He will give you the desires of your heart Psalms 37:4

Right now your heart’s desire is to get an answer, find a resolution, get closure, or get peace of mind. Wait on Him and He will give you these things.

Give God Glory

Know that others will benefit from this. They will see your trust and God’s faithfulness and they will want to do the same.

Don’t take the credit. It’s not yours to take.

Could God do what you are asking in a second? Sure He could. But He will do it in His perfect timing. So this causes you to trust in God and He gets the glory.

Gut Check:

What area of your life are you being the most impatient in?

Where have you taken things into your own hands instead of giving them to God?

Is God trying to teach you something through waiting?

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