The Way You Think About Mission Trips Might Be Broken

The way some people think about mission trips is broken. Here is the thought that has me fired up. The thought goes something like this. If you aren’t doing missions locally, then you shouldn’t go do missions somewhere else. This statement was probably thought up by someone trying to get people motivated about local missions. But at what cost? Has it cost the global church much-needed encouragement and blessings on our part? My strong opinion is that local should are important but not at the cost of outside our state or country. Local missions should be emphasized but not by reducing the importance and benefits of mission trips to other areas.

Why you should go on a mission trip even if you aren’t being missional locally

Taking a mission trip should be on your must-do-list. Because there are so many benefits that come from participating in one. Benefits to those you minister to and benefits to you personally.

1. Mission trips can stir you up to be missional globally as well as locally.

I’m not sure where the thought comes from that a foreign mission would have no benefit if you don’t do missions locally.

Just because you haven’t witnessed to all of your neighbors doesn’t mean that you can’t go on a mission trip and do great things that are pleasing to God.

2. Putting effort into going on a mission trip can have spiritual growth benefits.

That statement that if you can’t do for one, don’t do for the other has a selfish tone. And the downside is you normally end up doing nothing for either one.

Go serve. Do for the one what you wish you could do for the many. Go do on a mission trip what you wish you could do at home.
Mission trips are planned with the intent of helping those you go to minister to. Which makes this a very others centered act. You will experience spiritual growth because you are depending on God as you serve others in His name.

3. Mission trips can give you a bigger picture of the global church and make you vested in missions.

It’s easy to forget that the church is much bigger than your local body of believers. Going to other parts of the worlds allows you to see that not only is the church much bigger than you think but that the God who promised to build His church is keeping that promise.

4. Getting outside of your norm and being able to count your blessings can stir you to be more missional.

Have you ever heard the statement that there will always be someone who has it worse than you so you need to be grateful? Mission trips can give you a clear view of the countless blessings that you have. Many of which go unnoticed – health, shelter, and safety.

So make plans to go on a mission trip this year if possible. Jesus changes the world through us so we should be ready to go wherever we can. And be intentional about encouraging other to go as well.

You never know it might start a fire in your souls for missions that can’t be put out even when you get back home.