You Were Made Extraordinarily Ordinary

Is being ordinary a bad thing?

Do you ever feel exhausted by all the messages that feel like demands on you to be more than you are?

Maybe you’ve asked, is there not a way for me to glorify God the way He made me?

Extraordinarily Ordinary

What is Ordinary

Here are some definitions I found online at for ordinary

  1. of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional:
  2. plain or undistinguished:
  3. somewhat inferior or below average; mediocre.
  4. customary; usual; normal:

Maybe this is why you would rather not be associated with the term ordinary. It seems to carry a negative tone. Think about the adjectives used – average, plain, not special.

It’s almost like saying being ordinary is bland and boring.

So is being ordinary bad?

Ordinary is not Bad

It’s about availability

Read these four stories about availability.

Story 1:    Matthew 26:18-19   He replied, “Go into the city to a certain man and tell him, ‘The Teacher says: My appointed time is near. I am going to celebrate the Passover with my disciples at your house.’”  So the disciples did as Jesus had directed them and prepared the Passover.

Story 2:    Matthew 21:2-3   saying to them, “Go into the village in front of you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her. Untie them and bring them to me. If anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord needs them,’ and he will send them at once.”

Story 3:      2 Corinthians 9:12-14   This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, others will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else. And in their prayers for you, their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you.

Story 4:    71-year-old Albert Lexie has been shining shoes for around 31 years. During those 31 years, Albert has donated over 200 thousand dollars from his tips to charity. Primarily to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg Free Care Fund, because he could see what his money can do to help sick children and the expenses that families can’t cover themselves.

Everyone was not meant to be a rock star

If you noticed, the first three stories have to do with many people. But we don’t know who everyone is because they are not mentioned by name.

The only name we see is Albert’s and he demonstrates the heart behind the actions of the ones not mentioned.

These stories depict the beauty in being faithful to your calling without a need to be recognized. As Christians, it should be our desire as Paul said it in his letter to the Corinthians that “others will praise God.

People in these stories made their time, money, and possession available and God used them for His glory.

I think we like the thought of being seen as extraordinary because we like being in the limelight/spotlight.

When your ordinary life produces extraordinary results, people can’t help but wonder how. And for a Christian, the only adequate answer is “because of the surpassing grace God has given you“.

If we are seen as ordinary people doing extraordinary things, then God gets the glory.

Jesus is your standard, not the Joneses

It’ hard not to compare. It seems that we are wired this way. A good explanation might be that comparison is easy because it’s easy to base your status on things you can see.

But beware of comparison. It ‘s not a neutral activity.

Comaprison can have some very negative consequences.

Comparison kills contentment

Comparison is a deadly thing. It kills any possibility to be content where God has you and the blessings he has given you. And don’t be fooled comparison can happen in just about any area of your life.

  1. Comparing Ministry
  2. Comparing Holiness
  3. Comparing Happiness
  4. Comparing Blessings

The sad part is that comparison is normally based on assumptions. I say assumptions because, for the most part, comparison are made on highlight reels from someone’s social account. It’s normally not based on what might be actually happening in their lives.

Your goal is to be like Jesus

But as a Christian people, including the infamous Joneses, are not you standard.

Jesus is your standard. And fortunately for us, He has given us His Holy Spirit to help us.

Seek to be like Jesus and then seek His help in becoming like Him.

God gifted you to be you

Psalm 139:13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

God created you to be you. He made you with inclinations to certain things others don’t enjoy and He made you to enjoy doing certain things others would see as dreadful.

It was knit into your most inner parts by God Himself.

If you aren’t you then who will

Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

You being who God created you to be is part of His purpose for you. There are good works specifically tailored for you. And God wants you to “walk” in them.

Notice it says walk, not sky-dive, karate chop, blast, or make an amazingly crazy entrance. It’s an ordinary activity to which He calls you to.

Ordinary is the way God made you

Psalm 139:14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works;  my soul knows it very well.

The reality is that being ordinary is special because that is how God made you. And now God calls you to be and ordinary person who trusts in an extraordinary God.

Soul Check:

What ordinary tasks are you taking for granted?

Do you resent God for the ordinariness of your life?

Is daydreaming about some radical life keeping from fulfilling the extraordinarily ordinary in front of you?

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